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ForeThinking Method©, includes a number of activities to lead the innovation process throught sustainability; Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the current products or services, eco-designinnovation management, market focus strategymarketing and communication of innovationsfinancial support. All the activities are core and directly affect the possibilities of the company in its future positive market. Whoever you are, inspired company or prospect partners, please feel free to contact us to take part in the program (or to find out more).

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Designers, consultants, biologist, chemist or environmental scientists, work together to develop new products or services.
The design thinking approach helps in the development of the creativity tools of the fore_thinking program to find patterns from customers driving values and market insights. The design action learning activities produce a virtous process for new solutions (products, services, system models) based on circular paradigm.

life cycle assessment

LCA design tools include the dynamic parametric model to help you in the eco-design process. It is designed in compliance with ISO 14040 e 14044 international standard (life cycle assessment LCA), and has the purpose to assist you to balance solutions and new concepts (see environmental hotspots) in your innovation process. It includes all environmental aspects recommended by European Union.

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